Google Chrome Extensions

There are a great many Google Chrome Extensions and plenty of lists of the Top 10 20 50 Chrome Extensions. I won’t attempt to compete with these Top X lists. Rather, I’ll just list a few that have caught my eye. You can always add your own in the comments.

  • Instachrome – save links to read later using Instapaper .
  • Readability Redux – remove the clutter and concentrate on the text you are reading
  • No more tabs – limit the number of tabs you can open to keep you from getting carried away.
  • New tab with clock – don’t like the speed dial? Replace it with a clock instead.
  • New tab showing Google Tasks – prefer to track your ToDo list rather than the watching the clock? Then install this.
  • Blank new tab – rather go for a blank canvas? Then this is for you (you can search from the address bar anyway)
  • StayFocusd – prevent yourself from spending too much time on those time-wasting sites (like the Google Chrome Extensions site !)
  • Slick RSS – if anyone still follows RSS feeds
  • ChromeMilk – the unofficial Remember the Milk extension. There’s an official one too that Remember the Milk for GMail
  • Vimium – add Vim keybindings to Chrome

If you have any particular favourites, let us know in the comments.