What Operating System?


Most people I know use just one operating system. Most are Windows users (XP, Vista or Windows 7); some are Mac OS X users; on rare occasions I encounter a Linux user (usually Ubuntu, Fedora or OpenSuSE)

I, however, have a keen interest in technology so I dabble with all of the aforementioned operating systems – and a few more besides. I can’t help but take an interest in OpenSolaris or Haiku (I bought an original copy of the BeOS in its time) or FreeBSD (to name but a few)

Most of the computers I use are set up to dual boot (I shy away from triple-boot these days). Mac OS X Leopard with Ubuntu Linux. Tick. Windows 7 with Ubuntu Linux. Tick. Not to mention the virtual machines….

A friend once suggested that I was making my life needlessly complex – and he was right. I really should just pick one operating system and stick to it. It would make life so much easier. However, I suspect it would also make life a bit duller at the same time.

I like the Mac approach to installing applications. I like the huge choice of applications available to me on Linux. I like my familiar keyboard shortcuts and development tools on Windows.

I don’t understand these internet flame wars. My operating system is better than yours ! Your OS sucks ! To me, each OS has its great points as well as its low points but I am interested in what each one brings to the party.

The practical side of me says “One computer. One Operating System. Simple Life”

The geeky side of me says “I wonder what’s new and cool in FreeBSD this week?”

How about you? Can you be loyal to just one operating system? Or are you an OS tart too?